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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

What is an Akashic Record Reading?

An Akashic Record Reading to this degree is not found anywhere else in the world. I use my connection to where I went in the Universe upon resuscitation which is why I have the ability to connect to your Soul Contract (the reasons why you are here, Life Purposes and Life Lessons from source) and Energetic Blueprint (everything that makes up your soul and you as a person, destiny, who you come in contact with, how your Life Lessons and Life Purposes are intertwined in life to why/how you are repeating cycles in various ways with the answers on how to tick it off/cease outdated life happenings and much more))on the highest of high levels and provide such powerful core answers. Essentially you gain in-depth answers identifying your purposes in life, the understanding of what needs to happen to tick off outdated life patterns and how to grow into your full soul potential. Life is a journey, with a massive understanding of answers you seek comes empowerment and self fulfilment on levels that are specifically unique to you. No self-development course would ever come close to giving you these answers.

Can I book A Session?

Yes, my availability is on the booking section of this website, please note that requests to jump the que or outside of these dates/times are not possible due to my schedule requirements. If the days are not showing available times please look until one has a spot. You can book a slot that suits you. There are weekdays and various weekends of each month available. I do fill up fast, to secure your spot a paid booking is the only option. Once you have booked if you require an earlier date, please email me on to go on the postponement list, this way you have secured a session.

Why Don't You Give Free Reading Questions If I Request Outside A Booking?

I have a strict schedule with multiple commitments and my only availability is put on the website. Creating that work and life balance is essential to continue to do readings long term energetically helping as many people possible. You are paying for my time to do the reading as that is a part of my life time dedicated to helping you.All questions can be asked during a paid session which also honours both of our time.

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