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Empower Yourself With Michelle Vidler

Take Control of Your Future & Achieve Your Dreams!

ABN: 35 647 161 988

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Welcome to the next step on your Life Journey, below are just some of the speciality areas that I can assist with. My sessions are accurate, clear, you can ask questions and receive answers like no other plus record for future listening.

Are you feeling unsatisfied in certain areas of your life? let me give you answers of "why" with channelled techniques that will work for you towards inner peace and fulfilment.

I can help you strengthen and develop your Intuition plus increment tools on adding self-belief more into your life

Do you need channelled guidance on business ventures towards further success? I cover many areas all related back to how it impacts your destiny and future on the grand scale. Ultimately it is only for you to decide a course of action, why not get answers to assist your path in a Business Session. 

Is your past still holding you back today? let's strengthen your intuition and add more self belief in your life plus get answers on why these events happened for closure. Gain tools to move forward with happiness now.

Increase self-esteem, why struggle when you can grow with unique tailored answers.

Go from Anxiety to stressing less towards freedom!

Is past Trauma affecting your current decisions? let's look at some methods on how to move forward safely and break those neural pathways brain loop towards emotional relief.

Navigating a relationship and ways to express your needs by understanding how your chosen person views life. Is my partner part of my destiny? delve into their role for meeting you. 

Want to fall in love or date? find out where this will likely occur if by fate or your choice? Is it destiny or free will?

Go from struggling with Weight Loss to Wellness with your own unique tailored body reading plan.Break free from repeat patterning behaviours.

Uncover your Life Purposes and claim your unrealised potential 

Gain an amazing tool kit for dealing with stress and anxiety

Find out what your Life Purposes are and Life Lessons that keep re-cycling in various ways

Pinpoint others intentions towards you and make informed choices 

Unsure of a career change or business venture, gain clarity to make your next life move.

Need a look into your Neurotypical or Neurodivergent child's behaviour? I give answers that will assist in your own parenting strategies and create a tailored support plan that works.  

Want to know the purposes of people, places and things in your present and future, you came to the right place. Obtain clear solutions on how to heal emotionally and release outgrown traits and reach your full potential.Each session is unique and exactly what you need at that particular time. Guidance varies with life areas which is why some people require more than one session to cover all topics you need addressing. 


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Learn More About Me

Trusted Soul Coach, Specialist World Wide Psychic Reader, Course Creator/Meditations and Author

Since 2012, I’ve helped my clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life. Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled. Let me help you learn and develop better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your goals. Get in touch today to see what I can do for you.

The greatest gift is giving someone your time, something so precious in your life span.

Michelle Vidler

Our Services

  • Psychic Reading identifying your life purposes, Life Lessons and futur...

    1 hr

    330 Australian dollars
  • This in-depth reading covers your life as a whole delving into past, ...

    1 hr

    260 Australian dollars
  • I will read into as many areas that 30 minutes allows to assist you.

    30 min

    140 Australian dollars
  • Send in 6 Pressing Issues Questions

    1 hr

    200 Australian dollars
  • Akashic Record Reading Including Psychic Reading with your own Energet...

    1 hr 30 min

    500 Australian dollars

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